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Mission Statement


Working to promote stewardship of the Crooked River Watershed and its resources and to ensure sustainable watershed health, functions, and uses for optimal conservation and economic benefits.

Seven primary goals help to guide the Council’s activities in the pursuit of this objective:

  • Development of an integrated, comprehensive watershed management program including program and project evaluation that prioritizes areas for restoration.

  • Improve communication among affected private individuals, interested citizens and representatives of local, state, and federal agencies.

  • Establish a process for the coordination, cooperation, education, and involvement of the citizens residing in the watershed.

  • Promote and support ongoing monitoring of the health of the Crooked River Watershed.

  • Provide a forum for resolving problems and conflicts related to the council’s mission when all parties agree to refer the matter to the council.

  • Conserve and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

  • Support the socio-economic needs of watershed residents.

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