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Opal Springs Fish passage Project. Construction started in the spring of 2018, and will be completed fall 2019. 

Big projects take lots of of oversight.

Early planning and Wahoo film crews documenting the entire project, start to finish.

Late 2018 poring concrete into the top of the fish ladder

Excavating the side walls of the canyon to keep the cliff from falling onto the ladder system, down the road.

Digging roads to move around the canyon floor

after the top portion of the ladder was poured, the water level was brought up to test it.

Cliff edge photo of the entire site facing N/E

early 2018 cliff edge photo facing down river N/E

Segments of the ladder being formed and poured in phases.

Baffles in the fish ladder being formed before the retaining walls on the outside, very unique process to watch

Large inflatable dams used to restrict flows from concrete construction over the ladder.

dam sill, showing top of ladder, and operations building.

half the sill blocked off to keep water off the project.

Building the lower section of the fish ladder, attraction flow shoot, all around a large boulder that could not be moved so they designed around it.

Finished threshold

showing flash boards in place, that are engineered to break if the water flows to strongly for safety.

Flash boards hold water well, and can be dropped to 4 different levels.

Massive amounts of re-bar 1 inch in diameter are used to create concrete chute forms.

Concrete forms are braced as much as they can with thousands of tonnes of concrete behind them.

this is the pool that the fish will enter the ladder in.

Attractant flow shoot, will be adjustable to allow for multiple flow levels to attract fish to use the ladder.

Operation shack will allow users to change flows to the ladder and attractant flow chute.

Excavators work daily to clear rock, clear sites, move equipment, assist in all elements.

Cliff side shot of the final ladder being poured.

Pulling forms off a cured section of ladder.

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